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Let us improve your installations to the next level

ALPHA-CIM, its 30 years of experience in the Defence sector and the expert team can handle all studies and architectures’ implementations to be deployed on sensitive sites.

All of our softwares and equipments are certified by the ANSSI (French National Agency of Safety of Information Systems). We ensure an excellent result of your projects thanks to a rigorous organization of our teams.

Many defence sites trusted ALPHA-CIM and know that our experts adapt themselves to any specific constraints linked to the defence sector.


Test Bench and Test engineering 

Test bed and test bench require a rapid data acquisition and highly performant processing of these data. Our test bed and test bench SCADA software provides vital performances. The solution is tailor-made for our clients, it is also highly responsive, evolutive and guarantee data confidentiality.

Data Center Monitoring

Mastering your data centers is crucial to have an optimal control of it.

It is essential to well monitor the data center to guarantee that the energy, the equipment and the available space works all together in the most efficient way possible. That way, you prevent the data center from any failure or dysfunction.

ALPHA-CIM data center maintenance allows to monitor, measure and control the use and the energy consumption of data centers.

Monitoring of servers, data storage, air conditioning or energy distribution units that compose data centers.

Our solution is using on sensors which collect the components’ data. These data are automatically and immediately stored on one or more servers inside the data center. The solution is controlled from a unique intuitive, visual and user-friendly software.