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Safety & Security SCADA & Automation System

sûreté sécurité

Access Monitoring & Supervision

What are the challenges faced by a site in terms of access control safety?

Protect your restricted areas

Surveillance of your emergency exits

Avoid malicious acts

Track & supervise access

At ALPHA-CIM, our home-made supervision SCADA solution for access control allows to better answer those challenges. Our access control system offers a 3D global view of your site with access filtered in real-time. The operators will be able to see intruder alarm through the notifications, with precise location of the access. Our access control system connects automatically with CCTVs linked to the access in question for a priceless saving of time.

This access control solution is independend which allows to install the system on evry site, whatever the equipments already installed.

Sûreté contrôle d'accès
Sécurité Incendie supervision

Fire Safety SCADA & Automation System

Upgrade your control room thanks to our independent systems that can connect to all your current systems & equipments

Are you facing those challenges below?

Quickly master a fire emergency situation

Secure any single site area from fire spread

Analyze potential risks easily

Reduce the damage & protect human lives

A turnkey solution for Safety & Security SCADA & Automation

ALPHA-CIM delivers a turnkey safety & security SCADA Automation solution which is adaptable and can be bespoked configured for your site. The Fire Safety Supervision SCADA solution is custom-based following the specificities of your site. The Fire safety automation solution also connect to all the equipments & systems already installed in your facility.

sûreté sécurité

incipient fire in real-time


 Do not waste time searching for the CCTVs, we automatically connect the CCTV linked to the alarm

sûreté & sécurité

 The system update is based on SSI & on your site architecture

ALPHA-CIM’s fire safety SCADA & Automation can be deployed freely and its intuitive and visual software interface allows the operators to manage:

  • HVAC and fire doors with hold-open device remotely to limit fire spreading
  • Emergency scenarios which are instantly popped-up to the operator who can accept the automatic solution advised by the software in just one clic


 ALPHA-CIM developed ALPHA-CAD, an automatic SCADA application generator using architecture plans & data of the site.

This solution automatically creates SCADA views of the supervision, vector plans, data base, animations and anomalies report between plans and data.

ALPHA-CAD is time-saving for each time you need to update your system.