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Passenger Boarding Bridge

Portes d'embarquement

Passenger Boarding Bridge

Airport’s Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBB) need to be controlled & monitored efficiently to reduce passengers’ or airline companies’s waiting time, allowing them to save money.

Our jetway SCADA and Monitoring systems improve the efficiency, the safety of boarding and the convenience of boarding or disambarking, whatever the airport’s configuration, while considerably reducing the ground turn-around time of aircrafts & boarding times with no congestion.

1. Passenger Boarding Bridge SCADA system

Any failure or abnormal operation of jet bridge may result in delays or serious accidents.

A smart system is critical so that the staff have real-time information on the equipment’s operating state, usage, maintenance history and much more…



  • Get a clear overview of jetways’ availability in real-time (free, occupied, reserved)
  • Offers an immediate and real-time visibility on jet bridge assigned for each flight
  • Include a geolocated alarms system warning in case of failure or jet bridge defect
  • Provide detailed data regarding the usage and the history of each jetways
Passerelles Supervision
Automatisation des passerelles

2. Passenger Boarding Bridge Automation

The increase of airport’s traffic & staff and the pressure on budgets is making state-of-the-art automation systems essential for airports. In order to secure the aircrafts and the passengers while guaranteeing a short parking time, the automated passenger boarding bridge is the best solution today.

Thanks to smart sensors and by connecting with the Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System (A-DVGS) or (DVGS), our software ensure the precise coupling between aircrafts and jetways.


Our jet bridge automation software is compatible with any type of bridges & A-VDGS and allows to make the boarding and disambarking stages much faster.


Avoid collision between Passenger Boarding Bridges from a same dock

Determine the height & distance of aircraft for a precise position of the jetways.

Automated rotation of the head of the jet bridge for a precise positionning.

Parking position. If no aircraft is on the parking area, the jet bridge will automatically get a fixed parked position.

Automatic and precise pre-positioning of the boarding bridge towards the aircraft entry door.

Condition-based maintenance. Receive the detailed statistics to improve maintenance monitoring and jet bridge usage.

Check our Automation & SCADA of Jetways Video: