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Digital Factory

Digital Plant 4.0

Digital Factory 

ALPHA-CIM provides the most suitable turnkey solution and tools to transform any site into a digital 4.0 factory thanks to automatism and SCADA.

The software gathers all communications between the machines, IoT and operators all along the production process.

The indicators and the automated process not only ease but monetize the production by focusing on critical axes.


ALPHA-CIM and its team will support you during all stages of the digital transformation of your site and will guarantee an optimal cost control thanks to our integrated electrotechnical workshop. 

The main advantages of the digital factory: 

  • Lean & agile production and productivity improved
  • Lowering of energy and water consumption
  • Avoid abnorbality in production
  • Optimize machines downtime
  • Reduce physical and tyring work for the workers during the production process

To go further, discover our energy savings solution: Building Management System !