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PCVue 12 Migration for our new client: CPCU

Migration PCVue 12

PCVue 12 Migration for our new client: CPCU


We are very proud to intervene at CPCU – La Compagnie Parisienne de Chauffage Urbain, in Paris, France, for the migration of their application into PCVue 12.

🏅 ALPHA-CIM is a certified automation integrator of PcVue Solutions. We also are certified integrators of Panorama, Topkapi, Wonderware and much more.

👉 Find out all of our integrator certifications here.

📊 The implementation of real industrial tools allows our many clients to automize, supervise and control in real-time all types of installations and process and then ease the detection or resolution of issues or breakdowns.

ALPHA-CIM, Certified Automation Integrator