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Certified Integrator Dream Report

Rapport graphique de la solution Dream Report pour l'automation.

Certified Integrator Dream Report

👨‍💻 👩‍💻 ALPHA-CIM is developing again. This week, our engineering team have discovered Dream Report through a certificate training of two days. Dream Report is a tool enabling the creation of complex data reports in Industrial automation. The reports generated are very user-friendly and ergonomic.

📉 📊 With this new skill, our engineers can create powerful and very precise reports of all type of infrastructure. The Building Management System solution of ALPHA-CIM allows our clients to better anticipate the costs linked to water consumption, lighting and more thanks to an optimized and automatic management of a site installations. Dream Reports enables to get a real knowledge of your Return On Investment.

🏬 🏭 ✅ We use these reports to help the industrial sector to transform into 4.0 plants and to help all kind of building to save money quickly. From production plants, water treatment plant, or even any building of any size, ALPHA-CIM provide you the solution to get a real energy consumption follow-up of your site, to anticipate the bugs and then save money in maintenance work while keeping an optimal confort for the inhabitants.

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